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 You said you hated the way they made me act. I told you I stopped taking them. I didn't. This week after you left me I tried, and I need them. Without them I'm the person you thought that took them. I needed to drink or use them. It masked my fear or allowing people in. It helps turn me into the social butterfly I once was. I'm sorry I'm damaged. I gave the best parts of me away a long time ago. I am not sorry that we're done.
I meant when I told you I felt I was being used. I quit my job today, lets see if you bother coming back now without me to pay for your every need.
Goodbye and good luck

PS. Your friends SUCK. Comparing your best friend to the cable guy is not a good sign, but at least he was happy that he got you back for only himself. And yes, I am moving in September, being a townie is the last thing I want to do with my life, especially in Michigan.
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