himekaleafninja (himekaleafninja) wrote in letterstolovers,

Always Your Bro

Dear Dylan,

You are my best friend, I hope you know. You have been ever since you moved here three years ago. It’s already been three years, has it? Goodness time flies. We really hit it off, huh? Our personalities really fit together perfectly. It was only natural that we would end up dating for two years. When we broke up, though, I understood and I didn’t shed a single tear. Honestly, I tried to cry about it because that’s what normal girls do. I just couldn’t manage to. I thought I was over it because of the fact that I couldn’t cry for you, but I was wrong.

I still love you. With all my heart. No matter how much I try to deny it, whenever another girl talks to you I want to tell them to back the hell off. The thing is, though, I just don’t have the right to say that anymore. I’m not your girlfriend and you don’t love me. I could just tell you that I love you enough to kill for you, it’s just that easy. It may seem like an over-used statement, but I can’t risk losing our friendship.

I’m goddamn lucky that we’re still friends. You even invite me over occasionally to draw comics with you and to play videogames with you and your awesome friends. Even though I can’t have you, the memories of our happiness together are good enough for me. I can live with being your bro instead of your girl. Even though I can’t verbalize three simple words in your presence, I want you to know that no matter who you chose to be with in this life, even if it’s not me, I just want you to be happy. To live your life to the fullest. Just please…don’t forget me.

Always Yours,


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