Olivia (pupppycat) wrote in letterstolovers,

final goodbye.


You once told me that I didn't have a right to get mad at you for hurting me the way I almost hurt someone else, but you know what? I did. I had every right to because I didn't follow through with it like you did, and it wasn't against you, it was against someone else, months before, which doesn't make it right that you used it against me because you weren't around when it happened.

You once told me that no relationship is easy, but that's false too. Because you know what? My relationship with Jessie is easy because we get along perfectly, and when we're talking, we actually listen to what the other person has to say, unlike you ever did since everything you ever cared about or talked bout was what went wrong in your life.

You told me I was immature. Immature means emotionally undeveloped, juvenile, and childish. It means lacking wisdom, insight, emotional stability, etc. Who was the one who freaked out at their house when I was there with a friend that didn't even want to be there? You. Who was the one who faked things to get attention? You. Who was the one that flipped out on me and fell to the pavement crying when I had three other people in my car and made themselves look ridiculous? You. If I'm not mistaken, you can count your friends on one hand so what does that say about you? Honestly people cannot stand you. I couldn't even last three weeks without something going wrong or taking a turn for the worse. And you're going to sit there and tell me that I need to start acting like an adult yet I'm only 17. I'm a lot more mature than you are and you're how old? and doing..wait, what the fuck are you doing? Oh, that's right. You're flooding my phone with your ridiculous text messages, a month after we've broken up with problems that I really shouldn't know about/that don't concern me. Did you expect me to run back to you as you told me things that were wrong in your life? Did you expect me to come over and comfort you? I sure as hell hope not.

You're stuck at home every day because you've clung to every other friend you've had and they can't take you for a long period of time because of stress you put onto them. You're not in school, you don't have a job, you're mean and you twist things around, you talk shit about every single person in your life and you cannot be trusted. With anything. Because in the end, everything I ever told you blew up in my fucking face.

You're right, the world does need more great people because you're definitely not one of them. You made people up and thought it gave you the right to bitch me out. You cheated on me, yet I'm the one who's not trustworthy because when we broke up I was talking to someone else? Weren't you doing the same with whats her face? Or did you make that up too along with the other three people who supposively are all over you?

"I know you have a heart. You just have this icy barrier that surrounds it, that someone once placed there and your resentment has made it colder and impossible to break" I don't have an icy barrier. I was just looking out for myself because I knew how fucked up you were. You're right, I shouldn't have taken you back the many times that I did. I should've listened to my friends, I should've listened to my sister, I should've fucking listened to my mom. Because if you didn't know, all of them dislike you.

You said you wanted my respect? You've got a funny way of showing it. I mean, after calling me everything you did. After cheating on me, after embarrassing me in front of my friends, after putting me through things that you did that I've still kept hidden from all my fucking friends, YOU expect MY respect? Are you crazy? That's not how respect works. You said you love me to death? You don't hurt the people you love. Looking at me and talking to me "burns your skin" and "breaks your heart"? THEN WHY ARE YOU STILL TEXTING ME AND TALKING TO ME? Your ex's are only crazy because you made them go crazy with your obnoxious lies and terrible view of things.

When I saw you, you told me I shined and that I looked happy and you know what? I am. Five months ago last week, you cheated on me. It took you three weeks into a relationship to cheat on me but Jessie? She's wonderful and she's amazing and such a good change from you. She listens and she helps me and she cares and she tells me good things. She's sweet and fun to be around and not dramatic or obsessed with bad things that occur in her life. She likes the same things I do and my relationship with her is better than any relationship I've put myself in. All my friends love her. Even Jen. Which is weird, but good, because Jen's never liked anyone I've dated. She especially didn't like you.

Now I'm done with you and I'm done thinking about you. When you come back to me in a couple weeks and try to be my friend, like I know you will, I'll show you this. I'm finally happy and you'll never be able to mess with my feelings again.

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